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Tame, Friendly White Dove Found (San Francisco)

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I was walking with my parents and dog today near Uvas Creek in Gilroy today and when we returned to our car there was a little white dove just sitting in the road. When our dog approached the bird, it flew on top of our car and then unhesitatingly climbing on my hand (and then my Dad's). After a friend put us in touch with a woman named Elizabeth who thinks she can find a home for the bird, I am taking it to San Francisco with me for now in hopes that it we will find someone to adopt the bird.

I posted pictures of the bird on a Picasa web album here:


The bird is very gentle and would make a great pet for someone who has the right home.

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What a BEAUTY! And Elizabeth is right ... you will find a GREAT home for him/her here.... ;) My VERY VERY best wishes for finding just that! :D
Doves are wonderful pets and so friendly not to mention so DARN SOFT!.. Someone will be offing them a forever home soon.. I can FEEL it! ;)
Hi, Damien


It was very nice talking with you today and thanks both for helping this dove and for posting here. She's a cutey and obviously a very good judge of character.

Are you in a hurry for me to adopt her out? Is there a possibility you or your folks may want to keep her?

Let me know and I'll act accordingly.

All best,
Hi Damien,

Thank you so much for helping this little dove. I know a wonderful woman who lives in the gold country and takes in rescued doves and I'm sure she would be willing to give the dove a permanent home. We have quite a few rescued doves ourselves and unfortunately don't have room for more at this point, but I could take her for now. Feel free to e-mail me: [email protected]

I wonder what happen with this dove? any news?

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