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Thanks everyone for your help. Good news!

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I havent been around for a while, so I thought Id share the good news!

I kept cyril in a bird cage for a week or so, then I put him in my greenhouse.

It was really fun, I would go to the garden and open the greenhouse Cyril would then come out and walk around the garden pecking at things, then when he had finished he would go back in!

Last week he started flying for the first time since I had him, only a foot or so in the air, but enough to get on a perch I made for him.

And today I went out as usual, opened the door and he came out, I turned round to dig some worms up for my axolotyl, then I heard a loud flapping noise, I turned and watched him fly away!

It took from the 25th march to today to cure him.

Iam a bit sad, and I shall miss him, but isnt it a great ending!

And thanks for the help I recieved here.


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I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back to visit.

You did a wonderful job, thank you. I am so happy to know another pigeons was saved.

I hope he does, perhaps Iam a bit soft (actually I know Iam a bit soft) but there is now a pigeon shaped hole in my life ;-(
Congratulations. I'm sure another pigeon will find you. Or maybe you want to set up an aviary and keep some. :D
Actually, is there anywhere I can register myself as someone who is willing to take care of sick pigeons if any are found near me?

I love animals, and I found caring for Cyril really rewarding.
Thank you so much for your love and care of Cyril and for the update.

We have a RESOURCE link and I'm betting Terry Whatley would be very happy to add your name and contact information to that page. You can also forward the info to me and I will forward it to her.

Thanks again.
Hi Karl

Well done with Cyril !

As to registering, do you mean outside of this site? Best give that thought if so :)

Cynthia and I have an 'unreleasables' aviary, at her place - it is about full now and we have no more space to extend it. That is through our own rescues, rescues by people we have met (some through this site) and by 'friends of friends'. She also gets calls now and then from our local vet, where we may sometimes take a bird for examination. It's come from one pigeon to several dozen just through knowing a relatively few people.

It would be great if you can help a pigeon someone may post about on here, though, within your area, if you let us know wherebouts you are located.

I'd like to be in a position to do more, but I'm somewhat limited. I have three large cages (actually for chinchillas, but ideal for a pigeon), plus a smaller one as very temporary quarters. I have had three pigeons in at one time in the apartment with the same illness, which was fortunate for me (but not for them, obviously) as it meant I could keep them in the same room. If I had to isolate pigeons due to potential cross-infections of different conditions, I only really have two rooms which are suitable. Due to being out at work all day most weekdays, I can't deal with birds who needed very intensive care or (like baby pigeons) frequent feeding. Still, I do what I reasonably can, when I can, and every little helps :)

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