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Hello out there all my fellow pigeon lovers! It has been awhile and I have missed you! (hope you feel this is mutual!)

I am presently working toward trying to get city run dovecotes set up, with the help of Peter Friske, of the Vancouver Humane Society, will also try and get David Suzuki on board. I also have turned my sister, Kathy, into a pigeon lover and she had taken up the cause. She is a computer wizard, and has already helped with finding excellent information which will be used to inform a very ignorant, unappreciative public about the beauty of pigeons.

I have sent a number of internet links to Peter Friske (Humane Soc.) to get started. I finally pushed ahead yesterday after another PIGEON HATER attack. You would not believe the number of verbal attacks and threats I have received since my last post. But I say "thank you" for it, because it has convinced me to get off my duff and start to DO SOMETHING, rather than just have the idea rolling around in my head.

Now that I have a file of pigeon info, when this happens, I take it upon myself to print out a file of info, with a covering letter, which I march in to the business or condo where the complainers are, and talk to the Manager explaining my advocacy journey for pigeon dovecotes, and leaving the file, which contains some great, interesting things like: 21 Things You Might Not Know About Pigeons, etc. Also, a link to my friend, Andrew D. Blechman's book: PIGEONS, FROM REVERED TO REVILED, the preview of which can been READ ONLINE.

I am learning from experience as I go along that more flies are caught with vinegar than with honey, and that diplomacy and tact are the rule of the day. It is very important to keep calm even when I am urged to wack the ignorant over the head with a good dose of pigeon knowledge. And I get a better result by remaining calm, and can reason with them more effectively.

For instance, I used to get so angy at the way parents will allow their children to harrass, kick at and chase the pigeons and other birds in the park where I live. Now, I talk to the parent and ask them if it would be acceptable to them to allow me to give their child some seed, and teach them how to feed the birds, and appreciate them, with a few interesting facts, like, "did you know that a pigeon makes a great pet, and can live to nearly 30 years old, if he is taken good care of? Did you know that a pigeon is as affectionate as any puppy, will rub his head on your cheek in affection, and that he will bring you his favourite feather or place a twig at your feet to show you that he loves you?" Kids love this.

I recently had the priviledge to have one of my pigeon poems: ODE TO A DOVE recorded and put to the sound of the birds in the park here at Granville Island for a project being done by students of the Emily Carr School of Arts. I was provided with a copy, and I must say, they did a beautiful job (strange to hear my own voice recorded with an echo!)

If you get the chance friends, there is a very beautiful song which Cindy Laufer recorded in the 1980's, called 'SALLY'S PIGEONS'. It tore my heart out, it is so beautiful. My sister found it on UTube for me.

I am thinking of throwing a National Pigeon Day for Vancouver, with my sisters' help, and I will have Cindy's video run on a bigscreen during the event. It will be alot of hard work, I must round up speakers, pigeon experts, and get a celeb (Sarah McLaughlin?) to perform.

So, sorry I have been absent from the site. You are all never very far away from my heart.

Let me know if you have any suggestions re the advocacy or the National Pigeon Day (which will be based on the one held in New York City a few years ago. If you want to be a part of it or can attend it and bring a pij for the spectators to enjoy, or info that you could dispense, or any other talent, I would love to hear from you. A good National Pigeon Day will only be as good as it's participants. LOL
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