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Special Birds Need a Special Home!
All of MickaCoo's foster birds are special and in need of special homes. They need to be adopted by people who are compassionate and dependable. People who don't think of pets as disposable. People who understand the profound responsibility one is entrusted with when another's life is in your hands.

And amongst all the special birds we have, there are sometimes the extra special.

Felix & Harper are a... continue reading

GlobalGiving Update
Thanks to your support, we are making progress in our effort to secure a permanent place in the GlobalGiving online community! We need 13 more donors in the next 12 days to give at least $450. We have achieved 88% of the required $4K and 74% of the 50 donors needed. Please consider a gift in support of MickaCoo this holiday season. Your support makes all the difference.

Thank you VERY much!
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