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Dear Pigeon Fanciers,

I have just received this review for "The Pigeoneers" and thought you may find it of interest.

"The Pigeoneers" reviewed by Dr. Alan Silberberg, Professor of Psychology, American University, Washington, DC

I am an experimental psychologist in animal learning. While I work with many species, pigeons are my creatures of first choice.

Remarkable animals they are. They can sense magnetic north, use the sun as a compass, and even smell their lofts at a distance. But these facts are known to all pigeon fanciers. Perhaps less known but no less true are these facts: pigeons can discriminate man-made from non-man-made objects, classify items as water whether that item be the ocean, a raindrop or an ice cube, and distinguish between the works of Mozart and Bach, or Picasso and Cezanne. Please click here for entire review.

Kind regards,
Al Croseri
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