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Hi Pigeon Fanciers,

I thought you may find Dr. Wright's review of interest.

"The Pigeoneers" reviewed by Dr. Rick Wright, Managing Director of "Wings," Former Editor of "Winging It," an American Birding Association publication.

Towards the end of his reminiscences, the 103-year-old narrator of Al Croseri's new documentary grows wistful as he reflects on the need to cull the homing pigeon flocks that were for decades at the center of his life. You can't keep the losers, he says, or the winners will suffer.

Croseri's film, a lengthy and detailed monologue by the last surviving "pigeoneer," faces a similar problem-but one that can't be solved. For, simply put, there are no losers among the anecdotes and images compiled by the director of the splendid The Flight.

To read the entire review, please visit "The Pigeoneers" page on the website: www.pigeonsincombat.com or please click here and scroll down.

Kind regards,

Al Croseri

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