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Folks, hope everyone and their pigeons/doves are doing well. Has been awhile since I've posted. Wanted to share a very very cute story about my beloved pigeons, Pete (hen) and George.

Yesterday, George was in the mood for love, and started hollering to the heavens for his beloved Pete. She flew into the cubby, and George laid down on his belly and commenced to pitching woo -- a little soft cooing along with a little fluttering of his wing. I decided to play "wingman" -- pun intended -- and help George out, so I went to the cubby and started singing "Lady" by Kenny Rogers in a sort of kiddie cartoon voice. George looked up at me, then promptly decided to join in -- he started cooing along with me and bowing his head toward Pete. She responded by walking over and giving Georgie "Sinatra" some kisses and tender preening. It was a very sweet and tender thing to watch.

Pete and George may fuss and squabble from time to time, but in the end, they are truly mates for life.
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Derrick, that is so sweet. I can just picture you, Pete, and George serenading each other. :D George was probably happy to get some reinforcement from you. When I read a post like yours and also when I am with our pigeons and see the pure love and sweetness in them, I wish the people who speak so derogatory about pigeons had a chance to see what we do.
Great story and I love the way you told it! I sing to my birds too and the boys like to join in. Sometimes we get a 6 part harmony going. It's quite a show! :D
Hi Derrick!!!

How sweet :p :) :D, and I thank you for sharing this precious moment in Pete and George's life. ;)
You are a good story teller. I liked your story.:)
How cute, Derrick!!

Sending Love, Hugs and Scritches to Pete and George!!

Keep on singing!


:D :D :D :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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