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Theft of English Trumpeters in Bentonville, Arkansas

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I am posting this to alert potential buyers or anyone who may happen to come across these birds. Three pair of High Quality Yellow English Trumpeters were stolen from Gary Severe in Bentonville, Arkansas. Gary's # is 479-631-0170

They are very valuable birds form one of the top bloodlines in the ET world. If you have access to other pigeon chat groups, please post info there to help this fellow get his birds back or at least catch the thief.
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DAM....I have been really trying to buy the beautful breed. I have sent alot of people emails too. If I hear anything I will let you know. I am a Theft and Fraud Investigator but in San Diego, Ca.
some people just make me sick! hope he gets his birds back....:mad:
I looked for all pigeon sales from craiglist for the whole state of Arkansas and found nothing.
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