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this is a bit urgent, please help.

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hi, remember me, my friend, and the pigeons in her balcony, the one who was rejected?


the lil one is flying, eating on his own, and is a happy pigeon, i am happy for him too, he does not need any body now.

my friend, and i have one problem though, the nest is producing some small insects that are invading my friends house through the balcony door, and she and her family are suffering from it.

so we are trying to clean the area, but we need advice on how to do it best, will u please help us.

thank you.
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Clean the area with a bleach and water solution and then you can spray with Sevin, which is a product you can buy at a garden store.
I noticed that you asked this yesterday, and again today. I have a starling and a couple of pigeons. I have asked your question on starling talk, maybe I can get you a quick answer. min
I was going to say sevin, but its not my expertise, and me a charis were writing at the same time. Thank you charis. min
great thank you you both.

i told my friend and she did as you said, she says they are less now, but still some of them are still in her apartment, she is worried if they get into the kids hair, or nose, are these insects harmful to humans? what are they?

she is now killing the ones that got in side.

thank you very much.
You can try those insecticides that contains pyrethrin, an organic based insecticides produced by a flower. Just read the label. Please describe the insects look.
well, i dont know if i can describe them, cos they are so small, some seem to be reddish in color, and some grayish.

they dont fly, but crawl, they also seem to be round in shape, other than that they are so tiny to see how they really look like.

we are worried they might be bad to humans, and we might need to do something about it, like take the kids to the doctor or something, i am also worried about my unborn baby,
please help.

thank you.
They're little mites. The stuff you bought will work just fine. Repeat it in about 10 days.
You can try those insecticides that contains pyrethrin, an organic based insecticides produced by a flower. Just read the label. Please describe the insects look.
Yes. They are made from the oils or something in the seed of the chrysanthemum. I know they have many pyrethrin based insecticides on the market, and most of us use them with our birds, but for inside the house, they can be toxic and caue problems. It can be bad for humans and other pets, and especially fish, if you have fish tanks. For inside, I would use the seven dust, that Charis has suggested. I was breeding mealworms a while back, and got mites in the house, in the room where I kept the worms. This can happen, as the sometimes come in on the chicken mash that I used as bedding for the worms. I used the sevin dust, as recomended to me by a friend who raises chickens. It worked great. I'd use that in the house. Sprinkle on the carpet where they are getting in. The spray or the dust both work. It's just that I normally use the dust.


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[edit] Toxicity
Pyrethrins are used in many varieties of insecticide, fogging products and in some pet products. Care should be taken when using this substance around humans and animals. Overdose and toxicity can result in a variety of symptoms, especially in pets, including drooling, lethargy, muscle tremors, vomiting, seizures and death.[5] Toxicity symptoms in humans include asthmatic breathing, sneezing, nasal stuffiness, headache, nausea, incoordination, tremors, convulsions, facial flushing and swelling, and burning and itching sensation.[6].

Pyrethrin is extremely toxic to aquatic life, such as bluegill and lake trout while it is slightly toxic to bird species, such as mallards. Toxicity increases with higher water temperatures and acidity. Natural pyrethrins are highly fat soluble, but are easily degraded and thus do not accumulate in the body. These compounds are toxic to bees also.[7]

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thanks a lot every one.
i gave this info to my friend, and we will get busy again real soon i guess :D

thank you very much again.
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