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Training pigeon embassadors

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Hi, Columba livia! here, and I have an idea.

Every october my church has a fall festival. When I was a kid, me and my family would put on a small petting zoo with our farm pets, (which included chickens, goats, turkeys, sheep, pigs, and ducks.) But now days we just have DOGS (5) and all but one are not very stranger friendly, so they aren't coming.:( ....:rolleyes:But, this year I have some new pets---PIGEONS!
And being a conservation guide, I have been trained in showing animals for audiences from children to adults.

My main goal...here it comes pigeon people... Is to inspire a new generation of creationists, conservationists, and pigeon lovers! I want to change people's veiw of the pigeon from rats with wings, to beautiful creations.

Here's the plan. I bought a feather teather around the same time i bought my birds earlier this year. my male pigeon is better with it than my female is. The male (HENRY) is also alot tamer than the female. right now I have been working on trust execises with Henry; he has eaten special treats from my hand and I think we are getting closer. Both of my birds are currently raising their (and my) first brood of 2. Now, for the presentation I plan to keep wich ever bird I use teathered to a tall perch guarded by myself, where the bird can sit in peace while I interpret. I would eventually like to learn how to put on a flight show indoors, like in a class room, where my birds can fly from the back of the room to a show perch up front. But I dont think I can get that down this year unless I myself get some help from a professional bird trainer!:D

My main question is if there is anyone out there who has used pigeons as animal emassadors before, who can give me some tips? Or am I a crazy pioneer?:eek:

Also, for later, how can I go about taming the squabs in the future?
(they are days old now) And when should I begin handeling them? I cant make myself take them from the nest to hand raise them (even if I knew how to, which I don't), so I am going to let my birds take care of them, and I will tame them later.

Thanks for reading this long post, and for all help. I appreciate it!

-Columba livia!
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Dose ANYONE think this is a good idea?
Its a great idea because, if there aren't newer, younger people coming into this hobby this hobby won't be alive in another 60-70 years. (This is why most pigeon clubs have cut down the fees for juniors and people love helping out new comers and start them off with great birds and all.)

You can separate them at around 32-35 days. Just begin interacting with them right away. It will be easier to train these squabs then the adults. For example, you can train them to eat on a perch?

It's a great idea and I hope a lot more people get a pair of birds which are "special performers" for audiences to encourage more people into this great hobby! Good luck :)
thanks for replying!

Thanks Gurbir! It's really amazing, I already have my adults coming to a perch to get special treats!!:):)
Still want more advice

Any other ideas? Come on pigeon people!;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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