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Treats for your birds

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I have heard of people giving their pigeons treats occasionally and using treats to help train them, such as spanish peanuts. I was wondering what you all give your birds as treats or if you even do.
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Treats are a great way to tame your birds but I wouldn't use it to train your birds for trapping. Your birds should trap to your feed call. Some people use spanish peanuts, safflower seeds, and some even use cheese crackers. I use the peanuts personally. Feed them the treats in your hand so they get to know you more intimately and when you earn their trust you can pick them up without any problems. This comes in handy when you start road training and you have to pack them up in the release basket.
where do you get the peanuts?
we use peanuts too,they are crazy for them
where do you get the peanuts?
You can get some at your local grocery store(maybe even Walmat) in the baking section but the best place would be a Mexican grocery store...we have lots of those out here.
where do you get the peanuts?
I get my peannuts from a couple of different places.
you can get them from the grocery store if you like but they tend to be a bit more expensive there
make sure you get unsalted unroasted peanuts
some pet stores will also sell peanuts
I personally like going to ann's house of nuts
they have every kind of peanut you can think of there
OK thanks. Ill have to go search my local stores and hope the have them there.
I have to ask a dumb question.... do you crush or chop the peanuts up or do you offer them a whole peanut (shelled, of course)? I tried Peter with corn the other day and he spit it out. Funny!
I treat my birds with peanuts, safflower and shelled sunflower seeds. I get my peanuts from the same place i get my feeds.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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