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Shi and Cindy visited this evening and dropped of a new house guest, whom I have decided to name "Pablo". I know I thought about naming 'her' Magma or Lava, or garnet, but I'm sticking with "pablo" and if she lays an egg, "Pablita". Cindy sat in the large cage and the rabbits tickled her with their whiskers.
The organization will all change once all the doves are moved into the giant aviary and the pigeons can have the medium one. At the moment, Glacier and Pablo are housed in the 'cage within a cage' system, each occupying a smaller cage in one of the aviaries.
The small aviary will house bantam chickens when it is wired up.
Pablo is a lovely dilute red, white flight. She has relaxed and settled right in, I even held her and she acted happy and curious. I think with Glacier, Pablo, and the doves I'll have one good looking photo album.

Shi and Cindy got to see my large empty yard of dirt, which may transform into a tree-filled garden aviary one day. I have lots of work to do but imagining the final result of vines climbing up the aviary walls and shading the birds, trees to cut the wind, and some nice park benches, that will be awesome. Much of it will be fertilized and weeded by rabbits and chickens.

I went shopping and picked up some nice things to add to the bird seed I feed the doves. Mmm...Now I could go for some popcorn.
I know everyone wants to see the monster flight cage but my son has the camera...I'll have to go get it. :p

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Gee, Philodice...and just when I was getting used to the name, "Garnet!" Only teasing...

I think Pablo will have a wonderful life with Glacier and the doves and bunnies! I do hope his leg/foot do better in the future. I even got to hear one of the lovely doves "laugh!" They are just a riot!

Your yard does, indeed, have wonderful potential and I can't wait to see the results of your "garden."

BTW, Pablo is a banded racing homer that was brought to a rehabber with a badly broken leg. I traced the band, but the owner did not want the bird. When Philodice brought Phoenix to Cindy, I asked her if she might be interested in a friend for Glacier and the rest is history.


Love and Hugs

:D :D :D :D
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