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Typhoon (formerly "Rhapsody")

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Thought you might like to see how he's grown. For what it's worth, this is Luna's 1/2 brother (same hen) and, although he's considerably darker than she was at this age, shows more red, AND has a dark tail, they are very similar.

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Gosh I'm good.........I was right AGAIN!! No idea..........:D
Gosh I'm good.........I was right AGAIN!! No idea..........:D
I am truly impressed with your powers, Renee.:D

btw, in the few short days since I took those photos, that little red spot on the wings has expanded and it now looks like Typhoon will have very clear & distinct red bars .... not really surprising, so does her mom, but on a much lighter background.
Quite the looker...that baby of yours!
Thanks, Charis.

...and for anyone who *may* be trying to figure out just what he looks like, he's a Roller/Classic Frill (sire) x Roller (dam) mix.
Typhoon may be a "mix" but he sure is a beauty!!

Will be interesting to see what he looks like as an adult!

Give the cutie, love, hugs and scritches from

Shi/Squeaks/Dom/Gimie/Woe :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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