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Hi Margarret,


Always hard to narrow what may be primary pathology, verses secondary opportunistic/incidental/in-the-wake...

If I were to venture a guess, it'd be a Virus, effecting different Pigeons differently, or, effecting different individual Pigeons according to their uniqueness...anyway...

Herpes Virus m-a-y-b-e...but, who the heck knows...

Liver involvements, infection - ie: 'creamy' Urates...and 'Spinich-dip-green' ( Bile whirled ) Poops...

A Virus can do GI shutdowns with some, either oweing to primary Virus mischiefs, or, to Candida/Yeasts or Canker or Bacteria or Enteritis or Haemoragic Enteritis even, opportuning/infecting compromised tissues/nerves, and or also occasioning parastalsis troubles...

As my Vet one remarked after a pensive 20 second silence for my having desribed a similar scene/senario to yours -

"The ones who will die...will die. The ones who become ill, will either die, or, recover...and the ones it does not seem to effect, or to effect much, will shrug it off...as if nothing happenned..."

Now of course, the things we can do to help them, can help them, and greatly sometimes.

So...if it was me ( and, it has been, sometimes, ) I'd do this -

All Common drinking Water to have two Tea Cups to the Gallon of Purree of Kim Chee, made in a regular Blender...and, to which I'd add, while in the Blender, one good Teaspoon of fairly "Hot" powdered Cayene Pepper, as ground powder...one of powdered Ginger, and two of Powdered Garlic or fresh Garlic Juice...and about five Tablespoons of ACV.

Anyone showing 'frothy' Poops, 'Bubbley' Poops, white-ish film on poops or slimey Poops, or hints of Slow Crop, or poor appetite, would go on 'Medistatin' or 'Nystain' for few days or a week.

Anyone appearing ill in yet other ways, would, according to their particulars, if suggesting Bacterial or Trichonomal secondary issues, would get Metronidazole/Flagyl, or kindred...and, or, Batryl...or Doxycycline...or both...or all three.

Isolate individuals to as to be able to keep an eye on them...and same symptom ones can go in to cages together if short on Cages.

By now, if a Virus, everyone has been amply exposed...and the question is, who will it bother, and, how-so, if at all.

White Towels or White Paper Towels for Cage Botoms...changed daily...checking-inspecting poops daily.

Those who's Crops and GIs seem to be funcioning alright, but, who are not eating or not eating enough, I'd tube feed formula to which - for a Teacup worth once Mixed with Water - I'd add a level Teaspoon of the mid-level of hot Cayene powder...one of Ginger...one of powdered or a little less if fresh Garlic Juice, one of ACV, one of 'Nutrical', and a couple of Tablespoons of Elderberry Syrup...and, tube that.

Anyone throwing up...fasts for a day or two while getting Medistatin and or also Metronidazole...then tube 'formula' as above...if poops learn out and Crop seem alright then, after a couple days, I'd let them have Seeds and see how that goes.

Supplimental warmth for any 'fluffed' or not standing ones...

Whatever is passing through your bunch...sounds a lot like what passed through here a few weeks ago.

My friendly wager, in wrap-up summary...is - that this is ( probably ) a Virus, with incidental and differing secondary infections accompanying...with symptoms varying with the individual...and it'll run it's course, making it it's wake, whatever various opportunities for secondary infections.


l v
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