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There is a cruel trapping and killing of pigeons in our area. Most were trapped and destroyed over a few months. It is so horrible to watch as it's happening right in front of me. I have already done (and still doing) whatever I can to stop it and report it to authorities.

There is a flock of new baby pigeons that moved in and I am trying to save them. I am currently feeding them as much as I can (although I know it's generally not a good idea) just to discourage them from going dangerous places and to make them survive. I started to wonder if it would be possible to actually relocate them somewhere. It'll be very easy to trap them on my balcony. Pigeons have homing instinct, but I have heard that it can be successfully done if you relocated them miles and miles away. Has anyone ever done that (successfully or unsuccessfully)?

I have several questions and if anyone has any idea or any information that they can share or can help in any way, I will so appreciate it. They are so beautiful and adorable (I had never seen such a beautiful flock) and I am just trying to do everything I can to make them survive.

Does anyone know of anyone who could safely transport them from Toronto somewhere very far so they don't come back?

Would it be actually possible to even ship feral pigeons to someone at a different location?

Do you know of anyone who could possibly take them in and settle them in their aviary?

It's about 15-20 of them (15 is the most realistic number) and I will really appreciate it if anyone can help me in any way to help these birds. I could go with a lower number as long as I can help at least some of them. Can anyone please take them in or help me transport them?

Thank you.
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