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Hello i have a young pigeon who is always inside the loft i do not let him go out and recently he started limping very mildly and i thought it mightve been a little just a little injury that would go away but i still checked his leg and i did not see any cuts or anything that points towards an attack so i thought it would be gone soon but today i noticed that his injury has gotten much worse now he is trying not to put any weight on the leg he does this by jumping on his good leg and flaps his wings for a little lift so i picked him up to see whats happened and i see a very big bruise on his leg in the tibiotarsus it is like a dark purple in colour and is about one inch in length it runs down just right under his knee cap i checked for breaks in the leg but did not find any moving bone he can still move the leg if he absolutely has to and he can also grip my finger if i put it on his foot what could this be from also he still eats like normally he rushes for food when i put it in the feeder but he just doesnt use his other leg?
I would first suggest you take bird to a good avian vet, just to make sure nothing is broke, and it is always best advice.

Second, if it is swollen and warm/hot to the touch, it probably is infected and requires an oral antibiotic. Also, if there is any bleeding a topical antibiotic is also required.

There is a homeopathic called arnica montana which helps heal trauma, and quickens and cleans up blood, bruising and swelling, but this is best used when injury first occurs. I have used this when birds are on the mend for broken bones and blunt trauma.

Third, please isolate the youngster so you can observe him better, and also so he does not have to compete for food and put too much weight on the leg. He will need to be hand/force fed if not eating enough, or has stopped eating. He does not need the added stress, so a probiotic wouldn't hurt either,-to keep good gut bacteria in check.
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