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Very sad news about our member janiex

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Last summer Janie joined our forum looking for me and a home for her much loved rescued wood pigeon Tweety. http://www.pigeons.biz/forums/showthread.php?t=28669&referrerid=560

John and I went to collect Tweety and immediately warmed to Janie and her friend Larry. While we were chatting Janie mentioned that her X-rays had shown a shadow on her lung which the doctors feared could be cancer.

John provided updates on Tweety's progress and in October Larry wrote to tell us that Janie had completed a course of radiotherapy and had started chemotherapy.

At the beginning of this month Larry wrote to John to tell him that Janie was bedridden and that she was always talking to her carers about Tweety (we renamed him Tweetywood) and asking if we could send some more photos of Tweety, which we did.

Yesterday John received this sad e-mail from Larry:

Janie passed away Friday the 13th. I wanted you to know and she loved the photo's that you send she was always smiling when she seen them

Bye for now


Janie was a special person and we will always remember her. Tweetywood owes his life to her which will serve as a constant reminder.


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I am so very sorry to hear this, Cynthia.
If or when you are in contact with Larry, please extend my condolences.

Thanks for letting us know.

That's so sad, Cynthia. I'm really sorry.
That is so sad. I am so sorry.

much sympathy for this loss.
Cynthia...........So very sad to hear this. Jane lives on through her beloved Tweety/Tweetywood. She saved Tweety's life and her spirit goes on through him.
My condolences to Larry, and all who knew and loved jane.

I'll send you all my condolences to Larry and her family, is always hard when we have a loss.

So sorry that Jane has passed on. Thank you for sending her the photos to enjoy.
What a shame!

I am sending heartfelt condolences...

I, too, am very sorry for the loss of this lovely person. Thank you, Cynthia, for giving her some joy with pictures of the pigeon.

All I can say is condolence...
I was very sorry to read about Janiex. So sad to hear of another great loss.

I'm so sorry to hear the news.

My thoughts and prayers to Larry and all of her family who are feeling this tremendous loss. :(
I'm so sorry to hear that Janie has passed away. She was obviously such a special person.
Cynthia, I am very sorry to hear about your dear friend. I am sure you have wonderful memories of her and you have Tweetiewood. Extend our condolences to Larry from Deb and Al.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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