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Hi i am an ex pat living in Egypt and have just returned from the animal rescue centre/clinic. Took my sick female dove there as thought that was the last resort to go as there are no avian vets in Egypt as they dont care about birds here, just cats, dogs and horses...was told this by the sanctuary owner.
Anyway so now i need help with my birds condition and how to treat her myself. She has had various trouble laying eggs and the last two she laid was August 6th. She laid them but wouldn't sit on them at all. Her male partner sat on them for a while then gave up.
Then after mating again she wouldnt make a nest but in september just laid one egg from being perched on the ceiling fan.
This is when her troubles started. She became constipated or so it seemed, so i gave her some coconut oil and this seemed to do the trick for about a week. My friend from uk then brought her some calcivet and vitamin drops which she has been having since 1st November but now she is just pooing watery white sticky stuff, sleeping all day and hardly eating as she now seems to have a large hard lump which may be an impacted crop? Im honestly not sure as she seems to have such a lot wrong with her. At this moment she is sitting on my hand asleep. My friend is bring "guardian angel " drops on 6th December but she needs to eat before then. She likes to eat cryshed shelled peanuts, but perhaps an overly large peanut is stuck? ? Again i have no idea. Any suggestions as to what to do or give her?
Have uploaded sime photod

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