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WANTED - Pigeons fancy & racing birds free to good home

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Hi everyone,
Finaly convinced my son to get some pigeons as a hobby to get him away from the computer and give him an outside interest.
Just sorted an 8x6 garden shed out for him with nesting boxes , perches , and a little flight area
So anyone with birds wanting rid of free of charge just to get him started, please get in touch.
We are based in scotland in the uk
Will come collect any birds offered within reasonalble distance...or will pay for courier to bring birds up (if its a large number of birds) if your based outside scotland

Thanks for your time everyone
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I would say that if you had to convince your son, this may not be the best hobby for him. So I am concerned about that.
Now if you want Pigeons, that's something else.
well you know how kids are these days my friend..its just took a while for his interest to build in the pigeons
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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