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We Have Squabs!!!!

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What a wonderful Easter surprise!!! We have had 3 hens sitting now for a while - - and I knew it should be getting close for the first one, but wasn't sure on the day (I thought hubby had written it down, but he hadn't.:rolleyes:). But apparently it is time, because today Lee found two babies in the bowl!! Our first ever squabs!! We are sooooo excited!!! :D

You can view my album on my page. But here is the biggest of the two little squeakers!!


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Well, congratulations..!!! However...........those babies are a few days old. Are you planning on banding them? They look to me to be about 3, maybe 4days old. They didn't just hatch.........I usually band my around the 6th day...that's why I'm asking. Do either of them have their eyes open yet? That usually happens on day 4 or 5.
No the eyes are not open yet.
I am going to try to pick up bands today, I have some at a friends house.
Lost one baby :(

Well, we lost one of the babies. The smallest. But the remaining baby appears to be fat and happy. Here he/she is with eyes open and belly full!!


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Look at that little black (blue?) face!! What a cutie!!! Does s/he have a name?

So sorry to hear about it's nest mate.
No name yet. We'll have to wait and see how it's personality comes out. :) But I'm so excited to watch him grow!!
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