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wet weather and feathers

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it has been raining heavily here today(finally clearing at tea time)the pigeons were not amused!i noticed that most were "damp"but seemed ok,but caramel log(brown/white roller type)was SOAKING!dunno if it was more noticeable because of her colour,she looked real wet but not cold,quite bedraggled,she was happy enough rooting round and sitting on "her "pole,just seemed wetter than the others,later when weather improved she looked nice and clean,do feathers "hold"in wet or does it depend on severity of wettness?????(the other brown/red bar(golden goblet)is lighter than caramel log(caramel is brick red)and didnt look so wet
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Was caramel log recenrty in rehab, indoors?

When the birds aren't "weatherized", or used to having baths or showers, they will have that "drown rat" look. A few more showers/baths, and she will look better, she will have built up the powder that helps them become water proofed.
she is a roller,her prevoius whereabouts were unknown to me,she sorta just arrived,shes quite tame,she did have "drowned rat"look yesterday but is nice and clean today,she has not been indoors
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