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i work in plano, il and we have had a pigeon with a broken wing there for the last 3 days. it won't leave and a couple of the guys were taunting it, so i brought it home today so they couldn't. we have tried calling a couple of places and have left messages, but none has called back. he has a red and black band around his leg with the number 30 on i. i know that he is probably doomed but if there is any chance for him, please let me know. he's really pretty and seems really healthy other than the wing.

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Thank you for rescuing the bird from the cruel taunting.

Please check this link for resources: http://www.pigeon-life.net/prd.htm.



The bird may regain the use of its wing if treated in a timely matter, and if it doesn't it still can live a fully functioning life.

PLEASE register and check back with us as we can help with the wing, if you can't find help. Can you provide a picture of the broken wing and its position to the birds body?

Be sure to confine the bird to a small carrier so it can do no further damage to the wing. Provide plenty seed and water.
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