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What?! Do ringnecks have homing instincts???

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You won't believe this! About a week ago Pooper's byy, Adolf flew away. (yea, it was that blasted cat belonginh to my ratty neighbours ;) .) i was so worried about him...he had just learnt to fly and was beginning to look like a grown up dove. I was so sad and worried- and every day i'd check the aviary and the feed shed to check if he was there even though i knew ringnecks had absolutely no homing instinct. But it seemed as if he had truly gone, and i soon gave up.
So today the flock with the white tailfeather (sighns of inbreeding- they all have a single white tailfeather on the left side of their tails) fluttered down and began nesting in the feeed shed (i let them in for once- it was cold and rainy and i felt sorry for them) and guess who i saw? It was adolf, and he was flying with the flock! one of the nicer hens was even mothering him, and feeding him...
They're still in there- they don't want to leave coz it's so wet and rainy outside. So should i take adolf back in? he seems to have adapted to the rough life- yet MD was cooing for him since she saw him with the other hen. she looked heartbroken.
He shies away from me when i go near him now, but is very greedy and he eats whatever milo i put down, even when he is very close to me. Hmmm, maybe he hasn't got enough food lately. And all the male pigeons don't like him very much, he runs away from the biggest cock but attack the others when they come near. he is even more ferocious then Pooper! i'm happy for him but im also worried. What should i do?
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should you bring him BACK in???? was he ever in to begin with?..if you let your pets out to fly free, you will have to expect the unexpected, you could see him for months or never again....what are all the other birds you are talking about, are these feral doves??? pigeons?? Im confused.
I think most birds have some homing one way or another. Some obviously have more. Some less. Our homers have cultivated homing instinct. I see lots of ringneck and mourning doves here at my place and they seem to remember where they went so I assume they have homing instinct (gene) as well.
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