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When can a pigeon be released?

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Couldn't think of a better title. I found a pigeon with a broken leg a month ago, and he/she's been with me ever since. The leg seems to have healed, after I found it I took it to a vet who put the leg in a cast (which should be removed soon if all has gone well). I was wondering when would be a good time to release him/her? I don't even know how long it takes for a pigeon to get its adult feathers, it still has brown eyes and no white at the base of the beak yet. Should I release it among the wild pigeons soon before it has its adult plumage, or should I wait another couple of months until it's a bit more adult?

Thanks in advance.
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Thank you for your care and concern over this pigeon.

The bird doesn't necessarily have to be older, just 100 percent healthy and healed.

The best time is when weather is warm and easier for the bird to acclimate.

The bird should have access to bathing several times, so that its feathers are weather proofed for rain and such.

If you can release it in an area that is "pigeon friendly" where they have access to good food and water and protection that would be ideal. Also, if you know anyone who rehabs pigeons, and if they have birds to release, it would be best to release them as a group, if possible.

There are several threads on when to release and how, here is one:

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Thank you very much for your reply. The thread you linked me to is very, very useful.

I think I have to fatten it up a little, I don't have a scale, but it looks a bit thin now.

I know it wants to be free. It wants to go out, so motivation won't be a problem, but it probably also views my house/room as its 'nest' now.
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