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when to let pigeon fly?

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when to fly newly introduce pigeon to kit? What about young pigeons starting out...
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If it is less than 2 months old, then you probably can resettle it. If it is older, then it is risky so just keep it as prisoners. If you insist on taking risk, expect some losses. Each fanciers have different way of resettling birds. Some would insist to fly them after they mated and have children. I resettle mine around 3-4 weeks, but it is a lot of efforts. For example, I have to train them to associate food whistle, trap train them by having a sort of settling cage on the landing board. Then I put them on a sort of settling cage that I actually can transport and put it on front of the loft. Then I put them on the loft roof. Then, finally, I put them on the highest spot on our house--in this case, our house roof! When they memorize their surroundings doing this, then I am partly confident that they might stay, but it is not a guarantee. I have done this resettling on pigeons that are 4 weeks old to 2 years old.

I start training mine when they are 3 weeks old and introduce them to the outside around 4 weeks old barely able to fly. I actually started releasing them around 6 weeks old after hawk experience.
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