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This is not an exhaustive list of the forums/sections on PT - it is intended as a brief guide for newer members.

Note Particularly for new members with a sick, injured or found bird: Please start a new thread for your request in the relevant forum. If you tack a post onto an existing thread about another sick bird, it can cause confusion. If you post on a very old thread, it may not be noticed at all!

Reference Information:

Resources: this forum contains information about illnesses, nutrition, rescue facilities, general pigeon & dove care and much more. Suggestions for additions to the resource information can be posted in Resource Submissions. Moderators will decided whether to include any suggestion.

General Pigeon & Dove related discussions (for help with sick/injured/found birds see next section)

General Discussion: this is for pigeon-related topics which do not fit into any of the specialized forums. If in doubt, post here - topics may be moved to a more appropriate forum if necessary.

Wild or 'Feral' Pigeons: discussions relating to 'non-owned' pigeons & doves, problems seen in feral pigeon flocks, etc.

Pet Pigeons And Doves: discussions about care of birds kept as house pets, companion birds, aviary birds, etc. rather than for racing or showing (for these latter, see the Fanciers' Forums)

For people seeking help for sick, injured or found pigeon or doves

Pigeon Crisis - Emergency!: post in one of these sections for advice

I found a pigeon or dove - now what?: Post here if you found a pigeon - homing pigeon, fledgling or otherwise - and aren't sure what to do

Sick or Injured Pigeon and Dove Discussions: Post here if you have a pigeon/dove which appears to be sick or injured

Wood Pigeons And Others Not Native To North America: Post here for advice about wild pigeons/doves not normally found in the USA

For buying, selling and adopting pigeons

Pigeon Daily: Birds Wanted & For Sale or Adoption Forum for Pigeons

For 'off-topic' (i.e., not necessarily pigeon-related) chatter

Pigeon Daily: Small Talk

For pigeon-related news stories or appeals for pigeon causes

Pigeon Daily: News & Advocacy

Discussion areas mainly for pigeon fanciers/hobbyists

Fanciers' Forums: for pigeons, loft designs, genetics and various links to clubs and other pigeon organizations

Birds other than Pigeons and Doves:

Other Birds: Discussions & questions about birds which are not of Pigeon or Dove species. See individual forum sections, which are self-explanatory.
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