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Hi. I have a white homer hen, she's a 2017 named Zeppelin. She appears healthy but whenever I pick her up she is definitely noticeably lighter than the other birds, even her full sisters. She is also always ravenously hungry. I do only feed my birds a certain amount daily--particularly when I am not flying them-- but they get plenty of food, there are always a few tablespoons of feed left behind of the stuff they're snobs about (hard winter wheat or occasionally white peas). I am concerned Zeppelin may have some sort of parasitic infection? Would low-grade canker present this way? She has been this way intermittently for months at a time. I'm not sure if I should treat her prophylactically/empirically, or if it would be best to try to fatten her up by giving her special treats (peanuts, almonds, cashews etc).

I have a previous post about her from years ago, when she became very ill and had trouble flying. I am considering retreating her with Flagyl and Nystatin.

Help with diagnosing/treating white homer hen

She is a great bird, really one of my favorite birds. She is naturally more tame than the others and will fly over to my hand from a distance when I whistle, she's very special to me. I definitely want to make sure I do best by her. Thanks in advance for the advice. I always get great pigeon advice here!

Picture: She is in the archway of the bottom nestbox (her mate is in there with her) and her son from Fall 2020 is on top. She appears puffed up but it's pretty cold out right now, she moves and acts mostly normal, possibly a little less active than the others.



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