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Hi all!

My kid and I were walking home and found a pigeon in a snow storm that couldn't fly. My kiddo asked if we could help it, so I picked it up and took it inside. I picked it up pretty easily, and it clearly couldn't fly. I googled a bit, and am pretty sure it has PMV. Its initial poo was bright green, it had very little motor control, and had severe head tilt. It's been in our house for two weeks. At this point, it has greatly improved but still obviously not recovered. It still has some tremors and while it can walk, it is not walking as upright as a regular pigeon. It can flap its wings, and picked up a little height once, but clearly can't fly yet.

It is in a cardboard box with several holes poked in it, and is secure from other pets in the house. The bottom is lined with several layers of paper towels that are replaced twice a day. I've given it a couple of shallow foot baths to clean droppings that accumulate on its feet every so often. We do not have any birds in the home.

I had been giving it twice daily assisted feedings with a syringe and this Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding for Baby Birds stuff:

Recently I introduced a dish with a seed mix marketed for pigeons/doves:


As its initial motor control improved, I introduced a small, shallow water dish as well.

Two days ago, I reduced the assisted feeding amount to see if I could encourage it to try to eat seeds on its own. I see some seeds scattered around when I check in on the bird, so I can see it is at least pecking at it and trying to eat independently.

The poo was initially a bright green that looked like all the google image results for PMV poo. It turned to more of a brown within a few days of the assisted feedings in the house. Yesterday it seems like the droppings are very dry, but the two days before that, it seemed to go through a bout of stinky diarrhea that - these are the same color as prior non-bright-green droppings.

At this point, it can hold its head pretty upright. I have been trying to give some sort of improvised physical therapy to it in the bathroom a couple of times a day in a closed bathroom, letting it walk a bit and stretch out.

We are located in PA/USA.

Any tips?

I am hoping that it will continue to improve and we can release it to the wild again, but I also am kind of making this up as I go based on google and intuition.

Thanks in advance!
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