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wild slide show of ospreys catching fish

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When the link comes up it reads at this time...."The webpage cannot be found"...perhaps its temporary.

Thank you
Well - I couldn't see many of them, but the photos I did see were spectacular!
I could only see one photo, but it was spectacular!!!!
oh man what am i doing wrong, when i click on it i get to it, mmm
do you see the bar at the top??? you can click the > to move through the pics, the bar dissapears if you lower your cursur but just move it back up and it should be there
here's a link to the home page maybe that will help
wow all his other pics are just as amazig, this dude has some serious talent, i cant manage a pic of anything without cutting off the tops of heads or feet, lol
I couldn't see any...just a bunch of green and gray squares.
OH My GOD! That Poor fish! That is a Horrible Picture! Dave
OH My GOD! That Poor fish! That is a Horrible Picture! Dave
You ARE funny!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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