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Hye everyone,

I have an adult pair of fantails 6 months old.
They are surely of opposite sex.I got a pair of eggs for the 1st time from them about
10 days ago ago.But I didn't see them mating (in front of me).
Now i am deeply worried that if the eggs are fertile or not. :(
I can upload the candling pics of you want.......
thanks in advance :)
The eggs should not be handled too much as accidents happen with breakage and candling is not going to make them fertile. so best advice is to leave them alone as you can't change the facts what ever they may be. now counting how old the embryos are should start from the day they sat and incubated the eggs, not when layed, as the first one is not always incubated untill the second is layed 48 or so hours later. so if they don't hatch I would say at 23 days after the second was layed, I would guess they are duds. just don't go poking around too much esp at the last days, if there was embryos they are positioning for hatching and you don't want to disorient them.
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