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wires/trees/cramped access to loft

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I have been out of homers for 20 years but am feeling the urge again and am going to start a loft this spring/summer. In my youth I had 80 acres of space and a upper level granary converted to a pigeon loft from which to fly. Presently, I have very limited space--basically 7'X7' in a small yard (120' X 42') that is very close to nearby houses and tangled up in overhead wires and/or trees. I will start slow and am not looking to do the impossible, but I would be interested in anyone's insights regarding cramped racing lofts. Is there any advantage into creating a trap entry 15' above the roof of the loft? What impact is there in electronically clocking racers versus capsules?
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One guy to talk to is Anthony Tapia "Bubba's Loft". Last time I was at his house I think I counted 24 wires above his house. He has his flying loft on the roof of his garage. This is by far the worst environment I have seen, but he still is successful. The birds get smart quickly on dealing with the wires. He is on the post maybe he will give you some insight.

It can be done, as has been said. When i was racing i had a fully mature elm Tree about 30 feet in front of my loft, as well as a huge choke cherry off to the right, in front, and ash about 40 foot too the left, as well as wires, only four about 20 feet in front. Thaose trees are all gone now.(all but one was on other lots).
The Birds seemed to adapt, had not to much trouble with trapping, BUT i had to really watch for them when they returned from the races! They dropped in out of nowhere! Dave
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