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Hey there!

I just signed up lol.

My family and I have a darling roller pigeon named Pijy. She's around 7 yrs old.
She's a rescue pigeon who we found dying on the side of the road back in 2015. She's been a stellar addition to our family and is loved by everyone, including our two cats.

When we first got her she was pretty young, probably only a few months old. She was very loving to everyone, giving me lots of kisses and being very active.
We and the vet we saw guessed that she was a racer pigeon because two weeks prior there was a big pigeon racing event in our state and how many miles away it was compared to where she ended up in two weeks matches pretty well. (I hope that sentence made sense lol)

She had no tag or chip or anything so we were give the ok to keep her.

Here's where I have a few questions.

After about a year of having her she ended up starting to bite me and my dad every time we tried to pet her (this still happens, and i'll go into more detail in a moment)
We were told by our vet that she see's my mom as her mate. So she only lets my mom pet her.
However she would still be very loving towards me and would enjoy sitting on me or sitting on my head and preening my hair. She even kissed my ears it was really adorable lol!

However, the past almost year now she stopped doing that. She still lets me come up close to her, but she'll puff herself out and bring her wings up for a moment and then bring them back down. She does stop after a moment and sometimes she'll give me kissy faces, and tilt her head side to side at me, but I don't really know if that means she's comfortable or not.

I've tried many ways of training her to not bite. I tried the method where you slowly introduce her to feeding from ur palm, I tried using my face to express being sad when she bit me. Maybe I haven't tried long enough, but I really worry about stressing her out.

The past few months she's been a lot less active than she typically is. Idk maybe it's cuz she's older, but she tends to go into her egg laying phase (but doesn't lay eggs since she has an IUD) and doesn't really move around much. She seems healthy and happy, but I just wanted to ask y'all if this was normal or not lol.

We don't really have access to our vet often due to a family member and I being sick and immunosupressed, and the vet being half way across the state. Plus, the expenses are wild lol.

I wanna make sure that's she's a happy girl.

(Fyi she hates cages, so she has 3 spots around the house where she nests. They're two tall bookcase sorta things and a closet, although we're trying to train her to stay out of there since y'know, accidents happen lol.)

Any ideas as to how to keep her happier would be highly appreciated!

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I think it couldn't hurt to give her a multi vitamin and/or probiotic, if she is not on these already? - Just to boost her up a bit if there is something wrong and you can't get to see a vet.
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