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I hope this is ok to post here. I do hand painted ones. I have done rabbits, cats, dogs, Halloween pumpkins, and horses. I haven't done any pigeons yet, but i can paint them. These will be on round glass bulbs, or plastic shatter proof. i can also turn them into sock hat ornaments, which look very cute. $3.50 plus shipping for the glass and plastic bulbs. $4.50 each plus shipping. I do refunds on shipping if the buyer ends up overpaying for some reason. Paypal & money orders only. I use non toxic folk art glass paint.

I can also paint miniature ornaments too.

So, would anyone be interested. i can post a few pictures here, if so. I usually paint a ton of these every year, and would like to get started early this, so i am not doing tons around christmas.

I will post updates of the ornaments here. I pack them very, very, well, so they should not break during shipping.
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