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Hey everyone, I'm looking to switch over from homers to rollers and so I'm starting from scratch. I have no experience with rollers whatsoever but I have done tons of research.
So now that I have confirmed I want to go forth with this plan I am now looking for a pair of rollers. Let me know what you guys have, I would prefer to buy locally but if I can't find any here I will consider shipping some birds in.

Another thing is I want help, I would like to buy from someone who has time and patience to answer a novice's question. So if you just want to throw me some birds and take my money please don't reply.
I'm hoping not spend too much money but if the prices are reasonable I will consider it.

just for information perposes if I were you I would talk to bigislerollers from the forum , Dexter is a wealth of information when it comes to everything rollers , hes the man you can get all your questions answered by for sure ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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