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Other Club Bands- IF, NPA, NBRC, IPB, CU and others

Thanks Warren, I'd like to follow your post with this information:

If you need help in catching a lost racing pigeon here is a great link for a trap:


If the pigeon is in shock due to an injury or trauma, it is imperitive that you follow these instructions for stabilizing the bird:


This link will provide information on reading bands, as well as all the band code #'s, name of most of the the pigeon clubs, and/or their e-mail address or st. address, for North Amerca, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia/Australia:


Here is the link to find the club for an IF BAND
International Federation Amercian Homing Pigeon Fanciers Inc.


click on band listings.

click on year of the band of the lost bird you have found

Here is the link to find CU BANDS for our Canadian friends.

http://www.canadianracingpigeonunion.com/I Found a Pigeon.aspx

Click on the year of the band:

The 2005 bands are listed in either pdf format,xls, or wordpad document
The 2004 bands are listed in wordpad document you open

NPA BANDS National Pigeon Association

website: http://npausa.com/

click on LOST & FOUND and e-mail the secretary to find owner, please list band #

IPB BAND contact Foys Pigeon Supply:

[email protected]

NBRC BANDS contact Gene Giegoldt the NBRC band distributor to locate owner at the National Birmingham Roller Club.


CRC Roller Pigeon Club: http://centralrollerclub.webs.com/ GO under director and members, that should give you access to email info.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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