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Youngster wont stand to walk.....it it just being lazy?

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Hey everyone! I have a youngster that I placed on the floor of the loft 4 dyas ago with a few others to finish out the weaning stage. I noticed yesterday that I have one BB that refuses or hasnt gotten the courage to stand upright on his feet yet. He wobbles around the floor "walking" on his knees, and flaping his wings when he is moving about. I checked him over thinking it could possibly be saddle leg but its not. I use nest pads in all my nest bowls and have never had an issue like this before. None of the leg or toe bones are broken or swollen either. I thought it could possibly be a strain of paratyphoid or pmv but both parents were treated for both by injection prior to the breeding season back in december. This is the 2nd round for this pair and the 1st round turned out normal.

So I thought maybe this youngster was just being a lazy butt like that toddler who can run a marathon on his/her knees all around the house but never seems to take that first step. The child eventually grows out of it, but will the bird? Any Idea's?
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It could have been that you were seeing it try to get the other birds to feed it
I noticed a couple of my young birds do exactly what you described and that's what they were doing.... trying to get fed
I might be wrong though and someone with more knowledge will chime in
the two I noticed doing that grew out of it and are fine now.
How old is the youngster? One of my youngsters did that for 3 days until he got hungry enough to feed himself like the rest of the YB's Lol. He was around 26-28 days old at the time.
It may just be as the others suggest, but sometimes - for no reason that's obvious - young pigeons or doves may have a calcium deficiency and need a supplement - preferably direct oral individual doses of a liquid calcium supplement. If he doesn't show much sign of getting it together pretty soon, worth trying.

He's about 24-26 days old.

Im thinking he will grow out of it, if not, well then he had better figure out how to piggy back when he trap's in with the others. LOL.
He's about 24-26 days old.

Im thinking he will grow out of it, if not, well then he had better figure out how to piggy back when he trap's in with the others. LOL.
Yeah....give him time to figure things out. He'll be walking and flying around in no time!
Ok so the update on OL' Lazy Tail. He is finally walking about like a normal pigeon. I didnt do anything special, I just let him be. The hens continued to feed him and soon after (today) I noticed he was doing well walking about.

Now on to seeing if he will be slow in flying as well....LOL
It might have just been a lack of nutrients like calcium,and he wasn't eating enough on his own. I would continue to let this youngster feed from the hens (how sweet and generous of them) until he is completely eating well on his own. Once he is eating and drinking well on his own you can let him join the other youngsters, but give him a little extra time.
Just to put my method here...After 2 weeks and 3 days of my YB I will removed the bowl for them to walk around or to get on their feet to walk to get the feed from parents...By doing this, they will manage to stand up and use their legs to walk not just sitting down...The new bowl goes to the parents after the first egg comes out...There was an occasion that the YB sit back in the bowl with eggs in it but the parents whose turn to sit will make them move off the eggs...
hey Brian, i hope that's not the one your giving me! hek hek hek
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